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Direct Services

Trained Behavior Therapists provide direct implementation of ABA services to our clients based upon detailed and informed assessments customized to the unique needs of your child. Therapists are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with a specific focus on Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT).

Areas of Focus :

  • Communication Skills

  • Daily Living Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Play Skills

  • Self-Management Skills

Areas of Service :

  • Home

  • Community

  • School

Parent Consultation Services

Parent Consultation is a key aspect of our services and is included for each client. At Growing Minds Behavioral Health we believe that working as a team to support the needs of our client will bring about the greatest success. Learning does not end when the therapist leaves as opportunities for growth are always available.

Areas of Focus :

  • Development and support of implementation in behavior support plans for maladaptive behaviors

  • Treatment planning

  • Environmental planning



A BCBA will complete initial and ongoing assessments as required by insurance. During the assessment the BCBA will use a variety of assessment tools, caregiver interview, and play to determine the specific needs of your child. Once the assessment is complete the BCBA will then create a corresponding treatment plan to address maladaptive behaviors and skill domains based upon results of the assessment.

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