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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Bowie, MD, USA

Job Type

Full Time/Part Time

About the Role

The BCBA will provide support to individuals and their families by coordinating and providing services in
Applied Behavior Analysis, function analyses and assessment, behavior acquisition and reduction procedures, and
adaptive life skills.

A BCBA will also oversee programming of associate behavior analysts and provide ongoing support and supervision to
Direct Support Professionals (DSP) as it relates to the implementation and documentation associated with Behavior
Support Plans.


  • Function in a supervisory capacity and provide oversight to all areas of programming including the training of direct support professionals, person centered strategies consultants (if applicable) and DSP trainers.

  • Assist in the development, facilitation, and follow-up training in Applied Behavior Analysis, using both discrete trial training and natural environment training models of teaching.

  • Facilitate and assist in the development and identification of resources and support information for clients and their families.

  • Provide model teaching and other direct instructional supports including, but not limited to, practicum supervision/teaching, class instruction and in-service instruction to other support professionals.

  • Assist in the development and implementation of assessment tools, to conduct functional assessments and analyses when appropriate, and to develop appropriate behavior strategies to teach appropriate behavior and reduce maladaptive behaviors.

  • Provide ongoing support and training to direct support professionals, ABA implementers, and other individuals in support roles for families.

  • Ongoing training and supervision of paraprofessional staff in implementation of ABA principles and methodology and behavior reduction strategies.

  • Create ongoing data collection system to establish baseline and programmatic efficacy for all consumers, and to analyze data on a frequent and ongoing basis to guide programming.

  • Develop behavior plans/treatment plans for all consumers with a focus on teaching and other antecedent strategies for reducing problematic behavior(s).

  • Meet as needed with supervised staff to discuss ongoing consumer issues and to provide support when necessary.

  • Review and sign off on behavior plan/treatment plan training for all field staff and provide field supervision when necessary.

  • Utilize website to enter session notes within 72 hours of each session.

  • Provide consultation services and to maintain ongoing communication with all constituents (other supports, parents, community, and community agencies).

  • Keep current with the literature, new research findings and resources. In addition, continuing education courses to maintain BCBA certification are necessary (32 credits every 2 years).

  • Maintain all data, paperwork, and communication between personal care staff and families, and to provide ongoing feedback to government related agencies that contract with such families.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

About the Company

Growing Minds Behavioral Health is a behavior based company built on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and Pivotal Response Treatment. Our focus at Growing Minds is on developing pivotal skills for our clients that will lead to learning through a variety of both structured and child-led activities. Our primary goal is to increase the functioning of each client. We focus on four pivotal areas: Motivation, response to multiple cues, self-management, and initiation of social interactions. Sessions occur in a variety of settings which can include home, school and community settings.

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