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Growing Minds Behavioral Health is a behavior based company built on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and Pivotal Response Treatment.


Growing Minds Behavioral Health is a behavior based company built on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and Pivotal Response Treatment. Our focus at Growing Minds is on developing pivotal skills for our clients that will lead to learning through a variety of both structured and child-led activities. Our primary goal is to increase the functioning of each client. We focus on four pivotal areas: Motivation, response to multiple cues, self-management, and initiation of social interactions. Sessions occur in a variety of settings which can include home, school and community settings.



Our mission is to promote the growth and development of the whole family as it pertains to the clients we are called to serve. We aim to provide the highest quality services to our clients with measured and observable growth. Through empowering parents with knowledge of managing behaviors and increasing skills our focus is to increase social awareness, independence, communication and play all while having fun!


    We provide thorough and intense training in ABA and PRT before staff ever step into your home. Staff will receive hands on training and practice in implementation using real life scenarios they will experience when working with your child. Staff are required to pass a play based exam at the end of training before they are matched with a client. We want our staff to feel confident in their skills before meeting your child. We recognize that it is impossible to always have an RBT who has 5 years of experience and is working on their masters in ABA but that does not mean that your child should be their practice. Staff receive additional ongoing training twice monthly where they evaluate their own performance as well as receive evaluation from a BCBA and other RBTs. Focus of ongoing training is on mastering PRT points and increasing play based performance. We are the only company in the DMV and Baltimore that places an intense emphasis on delivering high quality ABA using PRT as our implementation method.
    Pivotal Response Training (PRT) is a method of systematically applying the scientific principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to teach learners with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). PRT builds on learner initiative and interests, and is particularly effective for developing communication, language, play, and social behaviors. PRT was developed to create a more efficient and effective intervention by enhancing four pivotal learning variables: motivation, responding to multiple cues, self-management, and self-initiations. According to theory, these skills are pivotal because they are the foundational skills upon which learners with ASD can make widespread and generalized improvements in many other areas. Vismara, L.A., & Bogin, J. (2009). Steps for implementation: Pivotal response training. Sacramento, CA: The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders, The M.I.N.D. Institute, The University of California at Davis School of Medicine.
  • WHY PRT?
    PRT builds skills based upon the motivation of the child. Because the session is child led, maladaptive behaviors often occur at much lower rates than when using a DTT method of implementation.
    Parent training sessions occur on a regular basis where measureable and observable goals and put in place and practiced. The purpose of this is to teach parents how to manage problems behaviors as well as other areas of focus for their child’s Development. We place an emphasis on the development of the entire family. We do this using observable and measurable goals during our parent training sessions. We also meet at least quarterly to discuss progress and any questions or concerns.
    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the practice of applying the psychological principles of learning theory in a systematic way to modify behavior. The practice is used most extensively in special education and the treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but also in healthcare, animal training, and even business. ABA is widely recognized as the only scientifically valid therapy available for treating behavioral issues associated with ASD.
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